Wednesday, January 31, 2007

London & Regional (L&R) is one of the largest private property companies in Europe with investments, developments and business interests exceeding €5.5 Billion in over 8 countries, including the UK, Scandinavia, Germany, Poland, South Africa and Russia.

According to La Prensa newspaper website, L&R 405M offer was the highest in the licitation process, and toped its closest competitor, the american "The Easton Group", to win the rights to develop Howard, a former US Air Force Base that reverted to Panama thanks to the Torrijos-Carter treaty signed in 1977.

Howard is also known as the Área Económica Especial Panamá-Pacífico (AEEPP). (Panama-Pacific Special Economic Area). The plan of development that spans a period of 40 years includes real estate, call centers and industrial projects.

Jason Mills, projects development director for J&R, said that they want to build iconic buildings in Howard's hills, so everyone who travel trough the Panama Canal will clearly spot the exact place where Howard is located.

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