Sunday, January 14, 2007

Panama: So hot right now

I found this article in the USA Today web site. I really found it informative and very accurate. read the complete article
For example, take a look at these prices:

$216,000: A 1,200-square-foot, one-bedroom ocean-front condo on a lower floor at the Coronado Bay development on the Pacific.
$375,000: 3-bedroom, 3-and-a-half-bath "American-style" house in the high-country town of Boquete
$150-$250 a month: Live-in maid
$30: Dinner for two in a good restaurant without drinks

Regarding the panama maid info, yes that is completely true. As a matter fact there is a well known sociocultural phenomenon , in which the young women from the provinces and country sides from Panama, come to Panama City looking for new opportunities and improve their economic income. There are a lot of maid agencies that are willing to help you get that ideal maid. Check this list:

  • Panama Jobs Agency -
  • Ana's Maid Services (Agencia de Empleo Servicios Ana) - Phone: 225-3913, 251-4996 Mobile:6-508-1187
  • Celyn's Job Agency -
  • Yariela's Services Agency - Phone: 261-0787

There is also a local agency calle mioportunidad (my opportunity) that takes young women to USA to be nannies. They also have the chance to study english during their 12-14 months stay

Mi Oportunidad Panama

But there are also things you need to know before hiring a panamanian maid.
Please take a look to this post panama maid legal information