Thursday, January 18, 2007

What can you do with $1 in Panama City

The Panamanian currency is the balboa, fixed at parity with the United States dollar. That is one of the main reasons why the inflation rate per year is one the lowest in the region (2.9%). Think about it. It is really cheap to live here. If you are still thinking about it, give it a try. Investing in panama, and living in Panama can make a really favorable impact in your quality of life. Come on! You can live like a king with a $1500.00 monthly income. I make that ammount of money as a software programmer and I really can´t complain. I bought a nice apartment last year. Panama Real Estate investments is the way to go for locals and foreigners. Here you have a list of great things you can do and buy with one dollar bill.

1- Taxi cab ride in Panama City downtown.
2- Tipical food at a popular restaurant.
3- DVD and VHS rental .
4- Get a Haircut .
5- Street Car Wash by the popular "bien cuidao".
6- Shopping Spree at "Todo a dollar" (all for 1 dollar) stores.
7- A "no me olvides" ice cream at the iconic and historic Ice Cream Parlor "La Inmaculada".
8- 3 cold beers in the classics "3 by 1" all the weekends at local bar and discos.
9 - A capuccino at Cafe Cafe in Balboa Avenue.
10- A cold "agua de pipa" in a hot summer day.


Daniel said...

Where do you get a haircut for a dollar? I just had a "no me olvides" last week and that wasn't a dollar.

Realtor said...

You can get a haircut for 1.50 at the massive service oriented beauty parlors.
There is one at Via España, just besides Multicredit Bank. There is another one in front of el Dorado, next to Felix B Maduro. It is always crowded.
Try to go early in the morning like 9 am will be fine.
About the "no me olvides", it used to cost less that a dollar, now that La Inmaculada relocated to a better and more expensive local it is logical they adjusted some prices. I will check and update the list.

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