Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Boquete without water.

"The houses connect to the water system with PVC lines that are visible in the ground."
Boquete, the paradise for retirees is living its first crisis.
More than 500 foreigners have come to Boquete to start a new life here.
The population grew so fast that the public aqueduct can't meet the water demand.
Besides that, you have to add all the construction projects demanding extra water.
Local and foreigners request that the IDAAN take over control over the municipalities water systems due to "manifest incapacity" of the Municipal authorities. But major Manolo Ruiz declared he wont permit it.
"This is a municipal good, and those whom came to Boquete, thinking it is a golden cup, are wrong". Ruiz said.

Ruiz said $300,000 were approved to increase and improve that water supply systems.

Note from the Editor:
Boquete is paradise with no doubt, but again the no existing planning from local authorities and the real estate booming in the area, expose the panamanian's manifest negligence to run and rule their own country.
I am a proud panamanian, but politicians and public employees are a disgrace for our great nation. Wake up panamanian. Work hard and live proud of yourself.

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