Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Lamastus Farm in Boquete

Roberto Lamastus' family created a great spot for retires in Boquete. He was fellow classmate at College. Here is their small piece of paradise in earth.

Boquete’s Reserve is an exclusive “boutique” gated residential community that offers customizable pristine “green” lots, breathtaking views of surrounding nature, inside a coffee farm and an opulent residential lifestyle at year-round spring-like temperatures of 55 to 70oF.

This beautiful land is being developed by the Lamastus family, a third generation local coffee growing family with deep roots in the community and knowledge of the laws and customs of Panama and Boquete.

The back of every lot is elite, inhibited with a green corridor of old native and coffee trees, with some areas surrounded by trees on three sides. Others have a magnificent view of Boquete’s Palos Bobos Canyon. Everyone is able to experience the landscape of the Baru Volcano on the west, Cerro Horqueta on the north, and Jaramillo mountain range on the east.

In an existing coffee plantation, this environmentally friendly community is located in the heart of Boquete, just minutes away from major highways. Rivers, cliffs, gorgeous indigenous vegetation, coffee farms, the Palos Bobos Canyon and a private forest reserves give residents a beautiful experience of nature. Along with the gorgeous scenery, an extensive array of exotic birds and small wild animals make this property the perfect place to live, retire or invest.

In addition to the immaculate environment, Boquete’s Reserve offers a wide selection of amenities and interior luxuries to complement a variety of lifestyles.

Some of the Modern Amenities Include:

Swimming pool, tennis court, volley ball court/basketball court

Fully-equipped club quality fitness center


Golf putting green.

A clubhouse.

Nature walking trails through a coffee farm and trees

A coffee farm

Few and large lots ranging from 25-45,000 ft² (2,300-4,000 m²)

Caring for the environment has been a strong Lamastus tradition. To preserve the environmental standard of this exclusive property it will be developed utilizing the most stringent ecological, bird-friendly, principles in order to maintain immaculate conditions it was created in. Half of the property is a coffee farm with trees of all sizes, shapes and varieties. Twenty percent of the property will reserved as a private forest conservation.

In Boquete’s Reserve a bilingual member of the Lamastus family or any of its bilingual staff will happily greet you and answer any questions that you may have. You’ll be amazed at how seemingly endless your options are living in an exquisite environment. You'll soon discover that Boquete lifestyle is just your style.

source http://www.boquetesreserve.com/

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