Friday, February 09, 2007

Nice Pictures and Panama Real Estate at Plaza Edison

You can find more pictures and properties listing of panama real estate here

I have a LUMIX DMC-FZ15 digital camera. I will use it to get nice pictures and add new content to my websites. You can see a review of this camera spanish english
As a programmer I have been involved in the development in several panama real estate websites like these: (Francisco's great design and flash skills)

So far the clients really worry about nice pictures and a big property listing. I agree.
The pictures are one of the most common things clients and visitors are looking for. Also they are looking for prices. You have to understand that accurate prices is what people need. Prices and a mortgage calculator it is a good point of start. Make budgets, loan payment, taxes, etc. So clear pictures and accurate prices is what make people visit you over and over again.
When I invested in one of the pacific hill's project PH ELMARE I took my chances since the development was in early stages when I applied for a mortgage at HSBC bank.
But now that they have completed 2 projects and 2 more are pretty advanced i decided to take a walk in Plaza Edison with my daughter and test the Lumix capabilities. It was a sunny sunday morning. Here are the pictures. Enjoy a mix of digital panamanian summer and real estate.


Patrick said...

Fantastic real estate blog post! Pictures are worth thousands of words, it’s nice to see the attention to detail from your end. Thanks..
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Patrick said...

Excellent real estate blog. It was pleasant to me. Thanks for this.

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