Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Panama Villas for retires in Boquete

Have you been searching for a location to invest in a summer home, retirement villa or weekend getaway? If the rising prices in North America’s most pleasant locations have started to make your dreams feel a little far away, perhaps it’s time to look a little further afield, to a country where all the modern conveniences are never far away, but where the sunshine, culture, and history of a proud people is always just that little bit closer.

When you enter Valle Escondido, you feel as though you’re stepping back in time. All of our homes reflect the Spanish Colonial period of Panama’s history with old Spanish tile roofs, floor tiles, and wood ceilings. The perfect Central American climate allows for year-round patio living, and we accommodate that with large open patios in every dwelling.

Couple this timeless and breathtaking style with the advanced technology of today’s leading edge home construction engineering and first world infrastructure, and you have a sumptuous combination of old and new; a resort where the peace and tranquility of times long past meet with modern day standards, first rate security, and property values that are just now starting to skyrocket

source http://www.valleescondido.biz/generalinfo.html