Tuesday, February 13, 2007

San Blas Islands

Last month my good friend Veronica visited San Blas Islands.
The whole trip costed to her lest than 150 US dollars.
Here are some pictures. It really looks like paradise. White caribbean sands and the turqoise waters. You wont forget it.

here are some pictures and a quick interview about her trip:

me: How u got there?
Veronica: by car. a 4x4 took us there. The road was pretty bad. lots of mud everywhere. Then we had to take a cayuco (small boat) to take us to the kuna community.

me: what you liked the most?
Veronica: snorkeling in a sunk boat. the coral reef growed in the ship and it is pretty amazing. I recommend it

me: favorite food?
Veronica: fried fish and plaintains with a beer.

me: will you comeback?
Veronica: of course.