Saturday, March 03, 2007

Amador Heights



In Amador, the location that has become one of the most beautiful and developed areas of the city, with its exclusive view at the entrance of the Panama Canal.


This majestic building of only 7 floors features 28 apartments, 4 per floor, of which two are of 265 m²

(2,851 ft²); 22 are of 287 m² (3,088 ft²), and 4 two-level penthouses on the seventh floor, each with very well distributed areas of 473 m² (5,089 ft²).

The building will have an emergency power plant, reserve water tank, alarm, cable and internet among other conveniences.

The apartments will have a luxurious vestibule, spacious living and dining rooms, large terrace, a luxurious kitchen with imported furnishings and laundry area. All have two bedrooms and two baths, and a third area that can be converted into a family room with bath.

On the uppermost floor, the ninth level, there will be a spectacular social and entertainment area with the following:

ºSwimming pool.




ºPrivate salon for events.


ºAir conditioning.


The building has been carefully designed taking into consideration your safety and comfort.

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Patrick said...

Very nice real estate stuff I ever seen! Thanks for the info.

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