Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Expocomer Panama 2007

Expocomer Panama 2007, will take place at the Atlapa Convention Center, in march 7-10, with an special 25th anniversary edition.
The biggest international comercial fair in Latin America and the Caribbean, celebrates its first 25 years of success. The world is changing and business with it. Expocomer evolves and answer the needs of our sponsors and clients. International companies make an intense commercial exchange with transactions that surpases 100 of millions of dollars.

1,100 - It is the number of companies, from more than 33 countries, that will participate in Expocomer 2007
Expocomer Panama 2007 , it is a multisectorial exposition.
The more important categories in Expocomer are: food, fabrics, construction, technology and services.
Taiwan has the record of 71 modules, just followed by south americans. Brazil has 60. A total of 640 modules signed in for this year edition of Expocomer,

The orador of the inauguration will be the writer Carlos Alberto Montaner, vice-president of the Foundation Internacional for the Freedom.

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