Monday, March 05, 2007

PSA to construct a Megaport in Panama

The harbor giant of Singapur, PSA the International, will construct a terminal of containers in the Panamanian Pacific, informed yesterday the minister into commerce and industry, Alexander Ferrer.The beginning of the construction and cost of the investment, to be made in the area of Rodman, old military base of the United States, not yet has been revealed.PSA is the third singapurense company in settling in Panama, after the company/signature of the Free Trade Agreement between both countries, in 2005.The company handles ports in Singapur, Europe, China and Thailand, is in addition one to the four preclassified to participate in a licitation for the Panamanian project “megapuerto”, which will be constructed in an area of 112 hectares and includes wharves of 1.600 meters in wide length by 750 meters and capacity for the installation and operation of 18 cranes “post Panamax” (ships of more than 160.000 tons).The cost considered of his first stage is of approximately 600 million dollars, and already finished, will allow to the simultaneous dockage of two ships “post Panamax”, that are those that by its size, cannot happen through the sluices of the Panama Canal. The port will allow a maximum openwork of 15.0 meters and will have capacity to handle 2,4 million annual containers.The construction of “megapuerto” contemplates the construction of a marine filling whose cost comes near to the 250 million dollars.Minister Ferrer received the week last to representatives of the company Royal Vopak, independent operator of tanks of product storage derived from petroleum, that showed the possibility of installing a terminal in Panama


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