Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Relocating to Panama


The Advantages of Relocating to Panama
Lower Cost of Living
Quality of Life
Retiree Immigration Incentives
Medical Facilities
Flexible Incorporation Law
Asset Protection
Taxation Exemption
Ground Floor for Business Opportunities
Real Estate
Rainforest Heaven
Best Fiber-Optic-Cable Access & Bandwidth

Once you have decided this and the exact location for your new home, be it Boquete, Cerro Punta, Coronado, or any other place in Panama, MOLINA & CO will assist you. You must know the type of Visa you will obtain and the requirements and advantages of different types of Visa. Upon filling the Visa application, we will submit all required documentation for your Visa in David or in Panama City. At this point, Molina & CO will have the “Certificado de Recibo de Documentos en Inmigración (The Immigration Office Certificate of Received Documents)”, in which the Immigration Office states they have received your documents and they are being processed.

If you already have the “Carnet de Retirado (Retired ID)” (Pensionado Visa), the process is much easier as the “Certificado de Recibo de Documentos is not required.

The following are the documents required in order to process your shipment:

The Immigration Office Certificate of Received Documents or Retirement Visa.
Original or notarized copy of your passport (with photo page and the page with your most recent Panama entry stamp.
Original Bill of Loading, Air Way Bill or Express Release
Original Packing List without prices
Certification of bank account in the name of the retired citizen.
If you are requesting another type of visa, contact your moving company to review which documents are required.

Remember, it is the customs authorities who require these documents, not the moving company.


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