Friday, March 02, 2007

Tragedy at hostal Lyon’s House in Casco Viejo

Today watching the Alvaro Alvarado TV Show "Debate Abierto" I learned another easy scheme to "get away with it" and make some easy money in Panama.
The Ministers Ruben Blades and Balbina Herrera, Ariel Espino, Director of the Oficina del Casco Antiguo (OCA) declared with documentation in their hands supporting their words, that a Casco Viejo property owner, acquired several projects for an approximate of 300,000 and then he got bank loans for more that 4 Millions.
None of the properties have been restaured neither any of them has been developed.
So again how easy is to make fun of the justice and Panama.
Jobs and prosperity for the people seems idealistic and utopic.
How can we ask for juridical safety when a "investor" takes advantage of the situation and simply dont invest.


Patrizia said...

Although I agree with this comment, I should add that there are a handful of good entrepreneurs (national and international) that are making a titanic effort to revitalize this area, swimming against the flow and cases like this one.

The Casco is probably one of the last places where we can still find Panama´s soul.

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